Neus Escobar

Dr. Neus Escobar is an Agricultural Engineer by training, with a major in environmental and natural resource management. She holds a PhD in Food Science, Technology, and Management (2015) from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), with an International PhD Mention. Prior to joining BC3, Neus Escobar was a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Food and Resource Economics (ILR) at the University of Bonn (Germany), and a Research Scholar at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Austria. These experiences allowed her to be awarded a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship from the European Union in 2020, finally joining BC3 in 2022. Her research focuses on the estimation of environmental impacts from agri-food and bio-based production, including land use and land use change. She combines life cycle assessment (LCA) and global economic modelling tools to consider the effects of international markets and trade.

Iñaki Arto

Prof. Iñaki Arto holds a degree in Economics, with a MSc in Environmental Engineering (2001) and a PhD in Economics (2009). Prior to joining BC3 in 2013, he worked as contract research staff at the Universidad del País Vasco. In 2010, he was awarded a three-year postdoctoral grant at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Seville. At BC3, he currently holds a position of Research Professor and leads the research group “Assessment Methods and Tools” within the Low Carbon research line. His main area of expertise is modelling of Energy-Environmental-Economic systems, by using Integrated Assessment, Computable General Equilibrium, Dynamic Econometric Input-Output and Multi-Regional Input-Output models. His research activity is mainly focused on the analysis of the economic, environmental and technological implications of climate change and the transition towards a low-carbon society in a globalized world.